Doepfer A-111-5 Synthesizer


Rub your hands together – The first version of the Dark Energy is back! - At least as a module and only for a short time. Dieter Doepfer has managed to secure a small batch of the rarely available CEM3394 ICs, the core of the powerful compact instrument. The A-111-5V Mini Synthesizer Voice comes equipped with (almost) all features of the Dark Energy. – Including the luscious analog sound with sizzling, linear filter FM and aggressive, slightly dirty resonance. The LFOs can go up into the audio range, meaning they are capable of creating frequency modulations with a biting character.


The A-111-5V is the last chance to get your hands on a first generation Dark Energy. It features exactly the same synthesis capabilities as the desktop unit. The only things missing are a MIDI-CV interface and the housing with power supply. The A-111-5V can not only be used as a fully analog synthesizer, but as a beefy filter bank with aggressive resonance as well. Thanks to the CEM3394, which was once used in the Sequential Circuits Six-Track, the module has a somewhat classic sound. Patch points allow users to combine the Mini Synthesizer Voice with other modular equipment.

The A-111-5V features the following components:

  • Voluminous sounding VCO generating a pulse wave with variable width. Additionally, a triangle or saw-tooth waveform can be added. For tuning the oscillator, there are a three-way octave switch and a potentiometer. The knob's range can be edited via a jumper. (+/- 0.5 octaves or +/- 2.5 octaves) For playing the VCO, there is a 1v / octave connector. FM and PWM modulation paths with attenuators allow users to influence the oscillator via a LFO or the ADSR envelope.
  • Low-pass filter with a strong grip. The circuit has a slope of -24 dB per octave. In addition to the obligatory frequency and resonance knobs, there is a three-way key tracking switch. – Thanks to this, the filter can be played like a sine generator while self-oscillating. Optionally, this can also be done via a second 1v / octave voltage fed to the module via a patch point. Another highlight is the wet sounding, linear Filter FM. The VCO’s triangle waveform serves as the modulation source. Exponential filter FM is possible as well. Here, a LFO or the envelope is used as the modulation source. External sound material can be fed to the filter via an audio input. – Great for processing drums!
  • VCA with level potentiometer. One of the LFOs or the ADSR envelope can be used for amplitude modulation with variable strength.
  • ADSR envelope with range switch. (Long, medium, short)
  • Two independently usable LFOs with triangle and square waves. The frequencies are determined by potentiometers and three-stage switches. Both LFOs go far into the audio range – Great for modulating the VCO’s frequency. The results sound very harsh and energetic.

Audio output
CV outputs for LFO1 and the ADSR envelope
Audio input
1v / octave input
ADSR gate input
CV inputs for pulse width, cutoff and the VCA


3U Eurorack module, 24 HP wide, 40 mm in depth
Power consumption: 80 mA at +12 V and 50 mA at -12 Volt

0.6 kg
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