Doepfer A-111-6 Miniature Synthesizer Slim Line (Vintage Edition)


Module 111-6 contains a complete monophonic synthesizer with one oscillator, a -24dB low-pass filter, a VCA and a voltage controllable envelope generator. The synthesizer voice is internally pre-patched, so you only need to connect CV and Gate to play it. The VCO offers sawtooth, triangle and rectangle with pulse width modulation. In addition, the balance control allows you to add a sub-oscillator or external input. Despite its small size, this voice offers many options and a powerful sound!



The Doepfer 111-6 is a complete synthesizer voice.

The sound source is an oscillator with a triangle core and a frequency range from 32 Hz to 16 kHz. It follows the 1V/oct. standard. The pitch is adjusted by tune knobs and octave switches.

The waveform mix consists of a sawtooth or triangle, selectable by toggle switch, and a rectangle waveform. In addition, the balance control allows a sub-oscillator or external input to be added.

The modulation input can be switched to frequency (FM) or pulse width (PMW). The pulse width can also be adjusted manually using the PW control.    

The entire audio signal passes through the low pass filter with an edge steepness of -24dB, whose cutoff frequency can be controlled manually or via two FM inputs. FM1 is equipped with an attenuator and normalized to the internally generated envelope signal. FM2 has no attenuator and has an approximate response curve of 1V/octave. The resonance of the filter is adjusted via the Res. knob and reaches up to self-oscillation, so that the filter can be used as a sine oscillator, for this purpose the VCO can be switched off.

The basic gain of the VCA can be adjusted with the Gain control, so the VCA can also be opened without envelope signal. A toggle switch allows switching the VCA control between gate and envelope, in the middle position the VCA volume is only controlled by the manual gain control. If the VCA is controlled directly by the gate signal (i.e. hard on/off), this may lead to clicking noise under certan conditions (especially with low VCO/VCF frequencies), an additional jumper is available that adds a bit slew to the gate signal when it is used to control the VCA directly, this avoids the mentioned clicks but lowers the rise and fall time of the gate signal

The VCA has a special response curve: exponential from approx. - 90dB to - 20dB, linear between approx. - 20dB and 0 dB.

The envelope offers 3 different operating modes which can be selected via a toggle switch: AD (Attack-Decay), ADSR (Attack-Decay-Sustain-Release) or AR (Attack-Release). Separate controls for attack and decay/release allows to set the times manually. Additionally the time can be voltage controlled thanks to the time control input (CVT). With the help of two internal jumpers, you can determine which of the time parameters are controlled via the CVT input (e.g. only D/R or only A or A+D/R) and in which direction the control takes place, i.e. whether an increasing control voltage increases or decreases the times. An LED indicates the envelope curve.

The distances between the controls and sockets are smaller as for the standard A-100 modules and rubberized small-sized knobs are used.

Gate input
CV inputs: 1v/Oct, Mod, CVT, VCF FM1, VCF FM2, Balance
Envelope output
External audio input
Audio output

3U Eurorack module, 10 HP wide, 50mm in depth
Power consumption: 60 mA at +12 V and 60 mA at -12 V

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