Doepfer A-118 Noise / Random


Analog noise and random. White noise output and one out for colored noise with level controls for red and blue spectral amount. The same controls affect the amplitude of the random signal. Additionally there are controls for the speed and the overall amplitude of the random voltage.



The "white" output carries the white noise as expected. The "colored" socket outputs the colored noise whose timbre is determined by the "Blue" and "Red" potentiometers. Blue emphasizes the high frequencies and Red the low ones.

The random generator emits a fluctuating random voltage. It's rate of change and level are set with the according potentiometers. But also the Red and Blue controls affect the random signal's deflection. Especially at high Red setting extreme values are reached. Two LEDs display amount of deflection into positive or negative range.


After power-up it takes a few minutes until the two noise signals and the random signals are generated. The module is not faulty when after power on the signals do not appear immediately !


outputs for colored and white noise
random output


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 40mm deep
current draw 20mA

0.12 kg
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