Doepfer A-132-1 dual low-cost VCA


The A-132 is a simple module housing two identical low-cost VCA units with linear characteristic. The main purpose is controlling the intensity of control voltages but audio can be controlled if necessary.



The VCAs show a linear characteristic for which reason they are predestined for modulating the amplitude of control voltages like envelopes or LFOs. Non-critic, loud signals like VCO outputs can be controleld as well but the linear characteristic doesn't provide a good "punch" when modulated by a percusive signal like ADSRs.
Each VCA section has two non-attenuated CV inputs which are summed and then determine the VCAs final level.


per VCA: one audio input, one audio output, two CV inputs


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, 35mm deep
20mA current draw

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