Doepfer A-134-2 Dual VC Crossfader


Dual crossfader module for voltage controlled morphing between two audio or CV signals. By setting a jumper you can determine if the module will react asymmetrically to positive CVs (eg. ADSR) or symetrically to bi-directional CVs (eg. LFO). Both crossfaders can be controleld with one common CV.



Like every crossfader also the A-134-2 is a combination of two VCAs working oppositely. Each ofthe A-134-2's sections has two jumper selectable modes which determine the inputs' behaviour:

  • In symmetric mode, when the jumper is not set, both have an initial amplification of 50% when there are 0V at the CV input. This means both VCAs can be either opened or closed by a CV and thus this mode is better for modulations with bipolar CVs (LFOs or joysticks)
  • In asymmetric mode, when there's 0V at the CV input one channel is fully opened and the other fully closed. The VCAs can react only to positive CVs like ADSRs, sequencers.

A normalization at the first crossfader's CV input allows for controlling the second crossfader with the same CV.


per crossfader unit: one CV input, two signal inputs, one signal output


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, 45mm deep
Current draw: 20mA

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