Doepfer A-135-4A/B VC Performance Mixer


Voltage controllable Performance Mixer – The module package A-135-4A/B forms, in combination with the output stage A-138o, an expanded version of Doepfer’s popular Eurorack mixing system. Epicenter of the setup is the A-135-4A. It comes equipped with four channel strips. Each is composed of a gain stage, panorama and level regulation, a mute switch and an aux path. In contrast to its little brother, the A-138p, most parameters of the A-135-4A can be influenced via control voltages. The correspondent CV inputs and bipolar attenuators are housed in the A-135-4B.

Several A-135-4A/B packages can be cascaded to create a larger mixing system. In other words: The Performance Mixer is able to grow with the needs of the user.


Combined with an A-138o output stage, the module package A-135-4A/B forms a complete mixing system, which can be used as an alternative to an external mixing desk.

Core of the setup is the A-135-4A. The circuit is composed of four channel strips. Each offers an audio input, potentiometers for pre-amplification, the Aux send, panorama and level as well as a mute switch. The A-135-4B is responsible for feeding control voltages to the channels. In detail, there are CV inputs for Aux, panorama, level and mute parameters. Bipolar attenuators allow users to damp and invert incoming signals. LEDs provide optical feedback of the values resulting from potentiometer settings and control voltages. Additional light-emitting diodes indicate distortion in the audio paths. The Aux channel can tap off signals either in front or after the level controls. Jumpers determine the routing used.

Audio material is emitted by the A-138o. (Sold separately) Besides two master outputs for the left and right channel, the module also features Aux send and return connectors. Potentiometers allow the user to edit the levels of all audio paths.

A-135-4A, A-135-4B and A-138o are connected via ribbon cables. Several A/B module packages can be cascaded to form a larger mixing system. The combination of A-135-A/B and A-138p is possible as well.


The modules contained in the A-135-4A/B package are only usable in combination with an A-138o.


A-135-4A: Four audio inputs
A-135-4B: 16 CV inputs


A-135-4A: 3U Eurorack module, 16 HP wide
A-135-4B: 3U Eurorack module, 10 HP wide

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