Doepfer A-138d Crossfader / FX insert


The A-138d primarily is used for crossfading between two modular signals. On the other hand you can used it for inserting stompboxes or other effects into your modular system.



Both the inputs and the mix output are available twice, like a mini-multiples e.g. for using the input signal also for other applications, kind of like a Thru.

Crossfader: With the crossfading control CF you blend manually between the inputs In 1 and In 2. The Mute switch allows for muting one of the two signals, independent on the crossfader position.

Effect insert: The signal at input In1 is emitted at the FX Send output and can be attenuated with the Atten. control beacuse the modular system works with much higher levels.
The effect unit's output is inserted to the FX Return input socket and it's level can be boosted with the Amp. control. The processed signal is available at the bottom In 2 socket.
Use the CF control to blend between the original signal and the effect signal and to mute switch for quick muting e.g. of the effect return signal.


3.5mm sockets: In1 (2x), In2 (2x), Mix Out (2x)
1/4" sockets: FX Send and FX Return


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 40mm deep
20mA current draw

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