Doepfer A-139-2 Headphone Amplifier


The A-139-2 is a headphone amplifier module with two mono inputs and a stereo headphone output. It might as well be used for driving small loudspeakers, LED strips, small magents etc.



The A-139-2 offers you two mono 3.5mm inputs, eadch with an individual level control. Input 1 is normalized to input 2 by a switching socket.
The stereo 1/4" headphone output's level can be set with a potentiometer as well and provides you with a maximal output of 2W per channel at a 8 Ohm load

The in- and outputs are DC-coupled and can be used to drive small loudspeakers, LED strips, magnets, electrc motors etc. as long as the power is sufficient.


3U Eurorack module, 6HP, 40mm deep
Power consumption: 70-120mA, depends on volume and load

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