Doepfer A-132-8 Octal Poly VCA


The A-132-8 is a four-channel dual VCA. It was created to influence polyphonic patches in volume and to make them playable dynamically. The first VCA per channel works in a linear fashion. The second circuit can be switched to exponential behavior. A Sum Out eliminates the need for a mixer at the end of polyphonic signal chains.



The module A-132-8 consists of four channels with two VCAs each. The amplifier circuits are labeled GL (Gain Linear) and GX (Gain Variable). There is an audio input, control voltage paths for the VCAs and an audio output per channel. Global GL and GX potentiometers allow you to open the amplifiers manually. The first VCA works in a linear fashion. It is intended to be used with an envelope. The second VCA can be switched between linear and exponential behavior. This circuit is predestined for amplitude modulation, e.g. using velocity. Besides individual outputs, there is a Sum Out connector.


Four audio inputs
Four GL CV inputs
Four GX CV inputs
Four individual audio outputs
Mix output


3U Eurorack module, 8 HP wide

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