Doepfer A-141-2 VC-ADSR


ADSR envelope generator with voltage controlled attack, decay, sustain and release parameters, LFO function, digital end-of-attack and end-of-release outputs. Beside positive and inverted outputs there's an output available with voltage controlled amplitude.



All ADSR parameters can be controlled manually and with CVs, in addition the time parameters Attack, Decay and Release can be controlled simultaneously with a voltage at the Common-CV input. With the range switch you can select betsween tree time ranges (x1 = 50us-6s, x10 = 500us - 60s und x100 = 5ms - 10 Min).
For starting the envelope gate and retrigger inputs are available. End-of-attack and end-of-release outputs generate gate signals; when connected with the gate input the A-141-2 will act as a precudo VC-LFO. If you connect the Attack-CV input with the inverted out or the positive out with the decay and release CV inputs, curve forms can be shaped!
There's each one positive and inverted output with fixed level. The amplitude at the third output, the "variable out" can be controlled via the Level-CV input which is great for velocity appicaltions.
Jumper settings allow for using one CV to control attack and decay or decay and release simulaneously. The gate signal can be injected via the internal buss. The envelope signal is displayed with a LED.


CV inputs for attack, decay, sustain and release. Common CV input. Level CV input
Gate input, retrigger input, EOA output, EOR output
fixed output, variable output, inverted output


3U Eurorack module, 14HP wide, 70mm deep.
Power consumption 40mA

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