Doepfer A-142-1 VC Decay/Gate


Voltage controlled envelope generator with one parameter: decay. Due to additional outputs for positive and negative gate with adjustable threshold the module can be also used as a voltage controlled trigger delay.



The A-142-1's attack time is fixed at .2ms, the decay time is minimum 2ms long. A scaleable CV input is used for modulating the decay time. A LED displays the ocurse of the envelope.

A comparator with adjustable threshold setting is used to extract a gate signal from the envelope which is available in a positive and an inverted version. Altering the decay time will result in changing the gate length. The gate extractor can be used as a gate delay as well.


Trigger input, decay time CV input
envelope out, gate out, inverted gate out


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 40mm deep
40mA current draw

0.14 kg
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