Doepfer A-149-1 Quant./Stored Random Voltages


This module is based on the legendary Buchla 265 / 266 Source of Uncertainty and is a exceedingly complex random voltage generator. On the one hand it provides quantised random voltages with voltage controllable amplitude (or: amount of possible random voltages) and on the other hand random signals with 256 possible states whose probability and distribution can be set manually or per control voltage.



Quantized Random Voltages:
when receiving a trigger new quantized voltages are generated at the outputs. The n+1 output is quantized to octaves and the 2n output to semitones.
The control or CV determines the maximal number of voltage steps which are generated. Example: with the control at value 3 the 2n output can generate 2³ = 8 different voltages in semitone intervals. The 1+n output can generate one of 3+1 = 4 different voltages, quantized to octaves.

Stored Random Voltages:
in this section one of 256 possible voltages is selected from when a trigger is received. At the left output the distribution is equal, i.e the possibility to be selected is the same for each of the 256 voltages. At the right output the probability is dependent on the control and CV - you can determine if rather the low, the middle or the high voltages are generated.


Quantized Random:
Clock In, CV N In
n+1 out, 2n output

Stored Random:
Clock In, CV D in
equal distribution output, controllable distribution output.


3U Eurorack module, 12HP wide, 60mm deep
current draw: 40mA

0.18 kg
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