Doepfer A-149-2 Digital Random Voltages


The A-149-2 is an expansion module to the A-149-1 and it generates random gate signals at eight outputs.



The A-149-2 is connected internally to the A-149-1 and generates eight random gate signals in the rhythm of the clock at the Clk-In of the Quantised Random Voltage sectipon.The active gate outputs are displayed by LEDs.
A possible application might be random envelope triggering or other rhythmic random applications.


The A-149-2 has to placed directly to the left or to the right of the A-149-1 as an internal connection has to be established between both modules via a ribbon cable. The Axpander A-149-2 can't work alone without the main module A-149-1.


eight gate outputs


3U Eurorack expansion module, 4HP wide, 35mm deep
35mA current draw

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