Doepfer A-150-8 Octal Manual / Voltage Controlled Programmable Switches


The A-150-8 comes equipped with eight bi-directional switching channels, which can be controlled manually or via control voltages. Each channel features a main connector called O/I. It is wired with either socket I/O 1 or I/O 2, depending on the state of the switch. Thanks to the module’s bidirectional design, the musician can decide which connector(s) are used as input(s) and output(s). Several channels are linkable in master / slave configurations.



Each channel of the A-150-8 features a push-button and a CV input for controlling the built-in switch. Furthermore, there are three connectors per channel (O/I, I/O 1, I/O 2). Two basic types of usage can be distinguished:

  • One signal is fed to the channel via the O/I socket. Depending on the switching state, signals are routed to either I/O 1 or I/O 2.
  • Two signals are fed to the channel via the connectors I/O 1 and I/O 2. Depending on the switching state, one or the other signal is routed to the O/I socket.

Users can choose between two modes of operation:

Toggle mode: The state of the switch is changed by pressing the push-button or a rising edge at the CV input.

Level mode: The state of the switch is changed by the level of incoming control voltages (< +1.5 V = I/O 1; > +3.5 V = I/O 2). The push-button works differently in this mode as well: As long as the button is pressed, I/O 2 is used. If the button is not pressed, I/O 1 is used.)

Several channels can be linked via master / slave groups.

Please note: The O/I lines feature protection resistors. This can lead to small voltage drops, which in most cases can be neglected. Exception: Pitch control voltages for oscillators. If you experience any problems, please us an active multiple like the A-180-3 as a buffer circuit.


Per channel:
Three signal inputs (I/O 1, I/O 2, O/I)
CV input


3U Eurorack module, 12 HP wide, 61 mm in depth
Power consumption: 40 mA at +12 V and 5 mA at -12 V

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