Doepfer A-166 Logic Module


In this module we find two sections which work with the principles of Boolean Logic. Each has three inputs with their logic states ("1" = high / "0" = low) being compared, combined and finally output at three logic outputs: AND, OR and exclusive OR (EXOR). In addition there are two logic inverters for switching the logic states.
The A-166 is a really good module for combining and linking digital signals like clocks, triggers and gates.



The three inputs of each section analyze which digital states are present at the inputs. The inputs are normalized (1->2->3) so it's possible to work with less than three input signals.
In each section three outputs of logic functions are available simultaneously:

  • AND: Output goes "high" when all inputs are "high".
  • OR: Output goes "high" when at least one input is "high".
  • XOR: Output goes "high" when a odd number of inputs is "high" and the rest is "low".

The logic inverters can change the aforementioned functions into NAND, NOR and NEXOR.
n.b. a logic inverter turns a "0" into a "1" and vice versa. It does invert the logic state, not the voltage value (i.e. +5V will not turn into -5V).


per logic section: 3 inputs, AND output, OR output, XOR output
per logic inverter: input, output


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 50mm deep
power consumption: 40mA at +12V and 20mA at -12V

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