Doepfer A-167 Analog Comparator


Analog comparator that compares two analog voltages with each other and derives a gate signal. Either two external signals can be compared or one external voltage with the internally set value. The module can also be used as a subtractor or a offset generator.



The module either compares two external signals at the sockets "+ Input" and "- Input" or one external signal (no matter at which input) with the value determined by the Offset potentiometer. Depending on which value is higher the comparator will go "high" and produce a gate signal at the "Cmp. Out" and an inverted gate at the "Inv. Cmp. Out".

"Gap" is an varibale hysteresis. As long as this control is set to zero the switching levels for both on and off state of the gate signal are identical. As soon as the Gap control is turned up the switching levels for on and off state fall apart. Thus after the swithcing process the voltage has to change a certain value (set by Gap potentiometer) before the gate state changes again.

The "Analog Sum" output emits the internal sum of the both voltages respectively of one voltage and the offset value.


+Eingang, -Eingang, analoger Summenausgang, Komparatorausgang, invertierter Komparatorausgang


3 HE Eurorack-Modul, 8 TE brei, 40 mm tief
Stromverbrauch: 20 mA auf +12 V und 10 mA auf -12 V

0.14 kg
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