Doepfer A-173-1/2 Micro Keyboard / Manual Gates


A-173-1 and A-173-2 allow musicians to start and stop sequences, transpose patterns, trigger modulators and much more. The module package consists of a miniature keyboard made of 15 vertically arranged buttons plus octave switch and a receiver. The latter has one gate output per key as well as global CV and gate sockets. In principle, you can also play melodies with the A-173-1/2. Individual keys can be decoupled from the CV path via a learning function.


The A-173-1 features a miniature keyboard made of 15 vertically arranged buttons. Using the modules switch, it is possible to choose from three octave ranges. The A-173-2 outputs control voltages generated by the keyboard. Besides global CV and gate connectors, there are 15 individual outs. – One for each key. This means that up to 15 processes can be triggered or stopped in parallel. The CV output works according to the standard 1v per octave. A learn function allows users to decouple individual keys from the CV bus. – This way, it is possible to use an octave for playing notes or transposing patterns, while the other buttons control sequencers and modulators.


15 individual gate outputs
Global CV and gate outputs


3U Eurorack modules, 6 HP wide (12 HP in total), 31 mm in depth

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