Doepfer A-180-9 Multicore


With the A-180-9 modules, it is possible to connect two modular systems. Up to 14 signals can be exchanged. Standard RJ45 network cables are used as multicore lines. The whole idea may sound weird at first, but is actually quite useful. For example, you can travel to a gig with two pre-patched cases and just plug in the network cables on stage. If you’ve forgotten the multicore lines, it’s not a tragedy. – Where can’t you find a RJ45 cable these days?



The A-180-9 is a passive module featuring two network connectors and a total of 14 patch points. The upper RJ45 port is wired to socket 1 to 8. The lower port is wired to socket A to F. Similar to a passive multiple module, it doesn’t matter which patch points you choose to be inputs or outputs. Audio material, control voltages, clock signals and so on can be sent back and forth as desired.

The A-180-9 is offered in pairs. - Buy one and combine two modular systems.

Two RJ45 network ports
14 patch points


3U Eurorack module, 4 HP wide, 20 mm in depth
The A-180-9 is a passive module. Therefore, it doesn't consume power.

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