Doepfer A-188-1 BBD (256 Stages, Vintage Edition)


Vintage edition with black faceplate and custom knobs.

The A-188-1 series bases on a co-called bucket brigade device (BBD) that has been used in the pseudo-digital BBD-delays.
The version with 256 stages provides a delay time of 0.51 - 256ms and is great for Karpluss-Strong synthesis.



The module is not an entire delay but only its core with all anomalies (e.g. cross talk of the internal clock frequency) and its very independent spacey and raw sound which you just might desire.

There are modulation possibilities with invertible polaritiy, a dry/wet control, feedback up to self-oscillation and a feedback loop with insert.


2x audio input, mix out, BBD out
external feedback input
clock input, clock output
2x delay time CV inputs, CV output


3U Eurorack module, 14HP wide, 60mm deep
current draw: 80mA

0.25 kg
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