Doepfer A-192-2 CV-to-MIDI/USB


In the A-192-2 module you´ll find two independent CV/gate-to-MIDI interfaces. MIDI note commends and an independent MIDI controller can be generated per channel . The MIDID commands are output simultaneously over the MIDI-Out socket and the USB connector. Transposing signals via CV and merging MIDI data from the MIDI input is possible as well.



For each of the two sub-units these inputs are available:

  • Gate input (min. 5V). The rising edge generates the Note-On command, the falling edge generates the according Note-Off command.
  • CVN input defines the Midi note number. 1V/octave standard, range 0... 10V (i.e. 10 octaves)
  • CVV input defines the velocity value assigned to the Midi note message. If the volume mode has been chosen instead of the velocity mode, the voltage at the CVV input will be continuously in MIDI volume data (controller 7, voltage range 0... 5V)
  • CVC Input works independent of the gate signal, is free assignable to any Midi control change number and creates controller data from voltages. Input voltage range 0... 5V
For both sub-units a common CV Transpose input is available (1V/octave, range 0... 10V). The voltage applied to this input is added internally to CVN before the MIDI note number is generated. It can be used e.g. to transpose two sequences simultaneously by one voltage.


MIDI In and MIDI Out, USB connector, transpose-CV input

CV/Gate inputs per channel: Note-CV input, Gate input, Volume/Velocity input, controller input


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide, 55mm deep

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