Doepfer A-197-3 RGB LED Controller


The module A-197-3 brings disco light into your modular system! It is a controller module for controlling RGB LED strips. For each of the 3 colors (red, green, blue) a manual control is available to adjust the basic brightness. Additionally there is a CV input with attenuator for each color, so that the LED colors can be dynamically controlled by control signals from the module system. For this you can use envelopes, LFOs, random voltages or even gates and triggers. Immerse your modular system in atmospheric light!



Module A-197-3 is a controller module for static and dynamic control of RGB LED strips.

A matching 1m long, self-adhesive RGB LED strip is supplied free of charge. On the upper left corner of the front panel there is a gap where the connection to the LED strip is installed. The module must therefore be mounted on the left edge of the housing.

The three RGB colours, red, green and blue, can be adjusted manually with the potentiometers or by control voltages at the CV inputs which are normalized to each other. Thanks to control LEDs for each color, you can immediately visualize how the module is set.

Power is supplied either by the +12V of the power supply unit inside the housing or by an external (plug) power supply unit to avoid additional load on the +12V of the existing power supply unit. To select the type of power supply there is a jumper on the circuit board, which is set accordingly. The external +12V can optionally be supplied via a socket on the front (the additional power supply unit is then located outside the A-100 housing) or via a 2-pole pin header on the printed circuit board of the module, where the power supply unit can be connected.

R-, G-, B- CV inputs
3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, 40mm deep
power consumption:
a) LED stripe powered from the A-100 supply: +800mA (+12V) @ all LEDs max. brightness / -20mA (-12V)
b) LED stripe powered from an external +12V supply: +20mA (+12V) / -20mA (-12V)
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