Doepfer Dark Link USB/MIDI-Cv interface


Dark Link is a Midi/USB-to-CV/Gate interface to control vintage monophonic synthesizers via Midi or USB. Dark Link is nothing but the USB/Midi interface of the Dark Energy. It has available 4 analog control voltage outputs (CV1 to 4) and one Gate output.



  • USB
  • Midi Input
  • Learn button
  • Gate Out (with LED for Gate display and learn function), 0/ 5V
    Important Note # 1: The gate output is not suitable for devices that require a gate voltage more than 5V ! But the Dark Link can be modified for 12V gate voltage. The modification should not be carried out by the customer because in this case the warranty is void (it is necessary to interrupt the 5V track and install a wire to 12V). We will publish soon details about the modification in case that customers want to carry out the modification despite the warranty loss.
    Important Note # 2: The gate output is not suitable for devices that require a so-called switched trigger. In this case we recommend to order the additional S-Trig cable. Details are available on the FAQ page of our website: S-Trig conversion.
  • CV1: controlled by Midi note messages, 1V/Octave, 0... 5V
  • CV2: controlled by Midi pitch bend, ~ -2.5... 2.5V or ~ 0... 5V (can be selected by an internal jumper)
  • CV3: controlled by Midi velocity, 0... 5V
  • CV4: controlled by Midi control change messages, free assignale controller in learn mode
  • Glide control (portamento function for CV1)
  • power supply (12V AC/min. 400mA)


Gate-Ausgang, 4x CV-Ausgang (als 3,5mm Buchsen ausgeführt)


Gehäuse aus 1mm dickem schwarzem Stahlblech. Abmessungen: 150 x 35 x 60 mm (LxHxT)

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