Doepfer low cost case LC6 (230V)


Not in production anymore. Has been replaced by a version with a stronger power supply.

Simple wooden cabinet in 6U for mounting Eurorack modules. It offers two rows á 84HP and a 230V power supply with a toroidal transformer.



Raw, unpainted wooden case without flightcase features like a lid or rounded metal corners. Ideal for the occasional transport, not for heavy use on the road.


We don't offer versions with 110V power supplies!


mains inlet for 230V power supply.


outer dimensions: 445 x 275 x 160 mm (WxHxD)
inner dimensions: 2 x 84 HP x 3U.

Usable width for Eurorack modules: ~90mm near the power supply, ~110mm elsewhere; measured from the back of the modules.

Weight without modules: 4kg

1 kg
Article Number
former retail price: €218.49

This item is discontinued or sold out and no longer available, please feel free to look for comparable new stuff in the following categories.


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