Doepfer Low Cost Monster Base Vintage Edition (PSU3)


Using the Low Cost Monster Base Vintage Edition, musicians can add two module rows with 168 HP each to their Low Cost Monster Case. Alternatively, it is possible to put two smaller low cost cases on top. The Base cabinet is made out of wood. A black coating gives the case some vintage flair. Electricity is supplied via two PSU3 switching power supplies and four bus boards. Thanks to exchangeable fuses, the Low Cost Monster Base can be used all around the globe.



The Low Cost Monster Base Vintage Edition offers the following features:

  • Two rows with 168 HP each. (336 HP in total)
  • One horizontal row, one or angled by 45°
  • The maximum module depth ranges between 80 mm and 110 mm, depending on the position.
  • Two PSU3 switching power supplies
  • Four bus boards, each is equipped with 14 multi-pin headers. In total, 56 modules can be connected to the Low Cost Monster Base.
  • Black coating for vintage flair

One PSU3 switching power supply provides:

  • 2 A at +12 V
  • 4 A at +5 V
  • 1,2 A at -12 V

IEC mains inlet (110V - 240V) with fuse holder

87.5 x 19.5 x 38 centimeters
8.0 kg
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