Doepfer MAQ 16/3


Out of production.

The MAQ 16/3 is an Analog-Sequencer - a digital sequencer with analogue outputs as CV and gate for each row - from Doepfer that sends both midi and CV data. 3 rows of 16 dials and LEDs each allow for complex or simple music making and control of your other hardware whether midi or vintage/new analog. The MAQ is able to run in three different rows different quantisations and/or directions and/or lengths what mostly real analogue sequencers are not able to.



analogue Sequencer, CV/Gate-and Midioutput (simultaneous use) / 3 Rows of 16 knobs each, 16 LEDÂ?S / different MidiController assignable for each row / serial and/or parallel use of the 3 rows / Remote control for important parameters via Midi Standardcontroller / 3 way segment display / Rotary knob for Data entry / Midi In/out (no Merge) und 3x CV/Gate ouput / Transposition over Note-On Commands / Memory for 30 Sequences


.. mit blauen LEDs (wie auf dem großen Bild) kostets 30 EUR mehr.


MIDI In/Out, 3 CV- und Gate-Ausgänge


19" Pultgehäuse 4HE, 480mm x 177mm x 110mm, Gewicht ca. 3 kg

5.0 kg
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