Doepfer Portable Base


The Base is a flightcase-style sub-base for any A-100 suitcase or cabinet with 84HP width.
2x 84HP module spade; one row is flat, the other is angled 45°. Contains one power supply and two bus boards



  • 2 x 3U (angled)
  • useable width: 2 x 84HP = 168HP
  • useable depth for modules: top row 120mm, bottom row ~70mm
  • contains: 1 power supply PSU3 and 2 bus boards

Power: strong switching power supply (the PSU3) and three busboards, each with 14 module connectors.
The PSU3 power supply accepts mains voltages from 100V to 240 V and can be used all over the world. It provides you with:

  • +12 V: 2 A
  • +5 V: 4 A
  • -12 V: 1.2 A


mains inlet on the back


dimensions: 510 x 420 x 210mm (WxDxH)
weight: approx. 7.5kg

9.0 kg
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