Doepfer R2M Ribboncontroller


The R2M is a glide controller combined with a pressure controller where you could play medodies or control parameters in any midi device of your choice. It is an up to date variation of the classical band manual seen in the Trautonium. You will get the controller to play on and the converter with Midiout where you can also edit the way you want to use it.


The R2M consists of two parts: -the ribbon contoller is a 55cm long position- and pressure-sensor, which provides no constant values but smooth value changes. -The control box recognizes the manual´s data and sends the corresponding values to the outputs. Those are position-CV, pressure-CV and gate as well as user-definable MIDI-outputs.


Ribbon Controller in, CV1 out, CV2 out, Gate out, MIDI Out, MIDI in


60cm x 3cm x 1,8cm (LxBxH), Gewicht: 900g

2.1 kg
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