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More than just a mixer – The Cockpit can not only be used to sum up mono and stereo signals with modular or line level, but as an effect insert for smartphones and tablets as well. Additionally, the module offers a ducking compressor plus sidechain input. Several Cockpits can be daisy-chained to form a large mixing setup. The audio paths feature a completely analog design to guarantee high-class sound.



The Cockpit has four inputs, which can process mono as well as stereo material with modular or line level. Each channel comes equipped with a rotary encoder for volume adjustments. By pressing one of the knobs, the corresponding signal path can be silenced on the fly. Adjacent LEDs give visual feedback over volume and mute settings. With the help of jumpers on the back of the module, the user is able to determine whether mono material will only be fed to the left audio path or both channels. Thanks to this option, combining mono and stereo material is not a problem for the Cockpit. The ducking compressor creates beefy pump effects. It can be activated individually for each channel. A sidechain input serves to control the dynamic processor. In detail, there are three modes of operation, allowing the owner to use the compressor with CV signals (0 V to +5 V), audio material (1 Vpp) or triggers (0 V to +5 V). A potentiometer regulates the strength of resulting effects. The module's output is a stereo socket with volume knob. It can be connected to modular and line equipment as well as headphones.

Alternatively to normal use, the Cockpit’s third and / or fourth channel is employable as an effect insert for smartphones and tablets with TRRS connector (CTIA standard). – For instance Apple’s iOS devices. The socket of the first respectively second channel serves as signal input in this mode of operation. Internally, audio material is fed to the corresponding insert. On the way, there are trim potentiometers for adjusting the volume. Stereo signals are mixed together, as iPhone, iPad and Co feature just one input. The module's rotary encoders can be used to alter the mixture of raw and effect material.

Several Cockpits can be daisy-chained via connectors on their circuit boards to build a large mixing system.

The Cockpit comes with an adapter cable (stereo jack to two mono sockets) for the audio output.

Channel 1 and 2: One TRS input, which can be used for mono and stereo signals
Channel 3 and 4: One TRRS input, which can be used for mono and stereo signals or as an insert
Stereo output
Sidechain input


3U Eurorack module, 6 HP wide, 35 mm deep

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