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The Shuttle System is a versatile modular setup, capable of generating classical as well as experimental sounds. The synthesizer is composed of two Buchla style oscillators plus Waveshaper, two function generators, which can be used as envelopes, LFOs or additional VCOs, two filters respectively low pass gates with eight modes of operation and an effects processor.  Furthermore, a mono / stereo mixer with inserts and ducking compressor, utility circuits and a tune section are included. To control all those components, the instrument features an extensively equipped MIDI CV interface. – Consequently, the Shuttle System is able to create an extremely wide range of high quality sounds.


The Shuttle System is able to generate beefy Moog style basses, chirpy acid lines, velvety melodies, punchy drums and experimental sounds alike. It is composed of five Endorphin.es modules, housed in a Frap Tools case. A power supply is included, of course. Additionally, the instrument comes with a bag for easy transportation.

The following modules are included in the Shuttle System:

  • Furthrrrr Generator
  • Grand Terminal
  • Gateway
  • Cockpit
  • Shuttle Control

    (For detailed information on each circuit, please click on the corresponding module’s name.)

    The Shuttle System features a 84 HP front panel. For "breaking up" the system into separate modules, Endorphin.es offers individual front panels.

  • connectors
    A detailed list of audio and CV connectors can be found on the individual module pages.

    3U Eurorack system, 84 HP wide

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