Eowave - Domino (Module)


Miniature synthesizer – The Domino module is composed of an analog oscillator with saw and pulse waves, a low-pass filter, a VCA and an envelope. All components are pre-wired, meaning the circuit can be operated like a standalone instrument. In addition, thanks to a total of twelve audio and control voltage connectors, it is possible to use the module with other modular equipment. The Domino delivers classic, analog results. From time to time, it sounds somewhat like a TB-303.



The Domino’s oscillator generates saw tooth and pulse waves, which can be mixed via a potentiometer. For pitch control, there is a 1v/octave input. Manual pitch adjustments in the range of one octave can be done via a knob. Additionally, the module features a trim potentiometer for altering the basic tuning. A CV input plus attenuator allows users to modulate the pitch. The connector is normalized to the Domino’s envelope. Thanks to another CV input, pulse width modulations are possible as well. Direct outputs emit saw and pulse waves.

The low-pass filter features a ladder type design with a slope of -24 dB per octave. It can be edited via cutoff and resonance potentiometers. Additionally, users are able to modulate the frequency parameter via a CV input plus attenuator. Without a cable plugged-in, it is normalized to the pitch-CV-connector. Mixer inputs make it possible to replace saw and / or pulse waves with audio material from external sources.

The VCA can be controlled via the envelope, gate signals or a CV input. Sounds are emitted by an output.

The Domino’s envelope offers a decay parameter. Besides the VCA, it can also influence the filter. – With variable intensity. A direct output allows users to connect the envelope to other modules.


1v/octave input
Gate input
CV inputs for pitch, PWM, filter and VCA
Two mixer inputs
Envelope CV output
Main audio output
Two direct outputs (saw / pulse)

3U Eurorack module, 10 HP wide
Power consumption: 50 mA at +12 V and 26 mA at -12 V

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