EoWave Domino


The EoWave Domino is a compact monophonic analog synthesizer with discrete circuitry for an affordable price.

Highlights are the eight-step sequencer and the arpeggiator.



VCO: classic analog VCO á la 303 or MS20. Waveform blends from sawtooth to square with pulse width modulation. Tune control, modulation by the LFO.

VCF: resonant 24dB low pass filter. Cutoff modulation by the LFO and the envelope generator. Audio input for filtering external audio signals.

LFO is synchronized to the MIDI clock. Eight waveform, the eighth represents the modulation wheel.

Envelope with Attack, Decay and Sustain. Analog VCA with two operation modes: envelope and gate.  Eight-step sequencer and arpeggiator.


MIDI-Eingang, Audioeingang, Audioausgang

Eingang für externes 12V AC-Netzteil


Abmessungen: 18,5 x 12 x 5,5 cm.  Gewicht, ca. 1kg

1 kg
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former retail price: €234.45

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