Eowave EoMono


EoMono, the little brother of the EoBody2 is the first USB plugandplay sensor interface of this kind. It gives  you connection for one sensor. This way you can start with sensor applications easily and for a small price. Just control your software´s parameter assigned by yourself with a desired sensor.

Eowave Eomono is compatible with all MIDI softwares! No additional MIDI interface is needed.


The unit is pre-configured but all settings can be re-configured using the PC, Mac and IntelCore compatible EoMono Editor to adjust internal process parameters and shape the outcoming signal waveform. Parameters that can be  (status/analogue zoom/digital zoom and offset/inverse/lag processor/gate/ note on/off/). These settings can be stored in Sensorbox non-volatile memory! It?s now possible to store an entire installation or performance setup inside the Eomono and save it for a future use. High-speed USB reduces the latency significantly. 12-bit resolution avoids ?scale effects? and allows a nearly linear conversion curve. Eomono can be plugged directly to the USB in of your computer or thru a USB hub if you want to plug more.


Eine 6,35mm TRS-Klinke zum Anschluss eines Sensors. Ein USB-Stecker zum Anschluss an deinen Rechner.


Eine kleine Schachtel vom "USB-Stick-Typ" (70 x 22 x 8mm) mit integriertem USB Stecker auf der einen und einem 25cm langen Kabel plus 6,53mm-Buchse auf der anderen Seite.

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