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The MAGMA, which was called Koma in its prototype stadium, is an analog bassline synthesizer with integrated sequencers, memory and a Roland type low pass filter.


Analog VCO with glide and four mixable signals: square, sawtooth, noise and a sub oscillator (one or two octaves below main VCO). Frequency modulation and pulse width modulation by the LFO.

24dB low pass filter in the style of 1980ies Roland filters. Input for external audio signals. Cutoff frequency can be modulated by filter tracking, the LFO and the second envelope.

Analog VCA, controlled by the first envelope.

Modulation sources are two ADSR envelopes with attack time of 2ms to 10s and an LFO with 8 waveforms (triangle, ramp up, ramp down, square, random, digital noise, staircase up, staircase down).

The sequenzer has 16 steps and LEDs. Four rows are available, one for notes and gates, three for modulating assignable parameters. Transpose by an external MIDI keyboard.

Memory for saving your sounds and sequencers patterns is available.

  • Je ein Ein- und Ausgang für das Audiosignal (6,35mm Buchse)
  • MIDI-Eingang
  • USB-Buchse als MIDI-In/Out-Schnittstelle und zum Softwareupdate
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