EoWave Ribbon Synth


The EoWave Ribbon is not only a ribbon controller but also a standalone instrument. It contains a digital LoFi-synth with one VCO and frequency modulation.
Besides of that the unit can be used as a controller both for USB-MIDI and control voltages!



This minisynth is played with a 50cm long ribbon manual. It has a range of four octaves and is pressure sensitive what controls the volume of the synth. On the side of the ribbon is a copper touchplate that controls the FM intensity and thus the timbre. The housing of the ribbon is of blue illuminated plexiglass what looks amazing on stage.

The instrument can be put on the table but also taken in both hands and played like a guitar´s neck.

Power is supplied via the USB connector which transmits controller data via MIDI. Those data are compatible with every music software, and even with an iPad. Plus you save a USB-to-MIDI interface.

The audio output (minijack) also carries the controller data but as CV and gate voltages which make possible to control analog synths or modular synthesizers.


USB-Anschluss und Audioausgang (3,5mm-Miniklinke)


Abmessungen: 60 x 4 x 1,5 cm

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