Erica Synths - Acidbox


This desktop unit is a clone of the wild and nasty filter circuit from the vintage russian Polivoks synthesizer. It is built with genuine russian ICs and the sound circuit is 100% analog.
What makes the Acidbox really briliant is the mighty versatile LFO with synchronisation, tap tempo, plenty of wave forms, waveshaping and tempo multiplication/division. This totally invites you to jam with the unit instantly! Hot stuff!



Like in the original the Polivoks filter inside the Acidbox can be switched from lowpass to bandpass. Please take notice that the LP is much louder! The resonance can self oscillate.
The cutoff frequency is controlled manually, via an external control voltage and the integrated LFO, each with a modulation amount control. Nota bene: the filter can track 1V/ocatve retty well so you might use it as a VCO when self oscillating.
As an internal sound source there's a noise generator.

The LFO: just brilliant and well-thought! Waveform selector LFO SHAPE offers a OFF setting, five wave forms (sine, triangle, sawtootch, square and envelope) plus a samle & hold.
There's a rate control, a tap tempo button and a synchronisation input where you apply an analog clock signal, e.g. the clock from your MIDI/CV interface, a trigger track from a drum machine or pulses from your analog sequencer. We're not finished: another control multiplies or divides the tempo (÷4, ÷3, ÷2, 1, *2, *3 and *4). Halftime, triplets, doubletime is possible in realtime and synced to your other gear. Way cool!

LEDs show the LFO rate. Input gain can be set with a potentiometer and a true bypass switches between original and effect signal.


ACIDBOX II has significant improvements compared to the first version: redesigned LFO with the new waveforms and audio rate modulation capabilities, built in analogue noise generator, balanced output and many others.


Audio input and output
LFO sync input, cutoff control input
input for external power supply (12V DC, center negative, EU power supply is included)


dimensions: 185 x 140 x 55mm
weight: 0.7kg

1.0 kg
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