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The Erica Bassline is a powerful, fully analog synthesizer voice. Its repertoire ranges from groovy to brute sounds. Acid-style basses are another specialty of this module. The Bassline consists of an AS3340-based VCO plus sub oscillator, a multimode filter inspired by the Russian Polivoks synthesizer, a VCA and two envelopes. A BBD-based circuit allows you to detune sounds to make them even fatter than before.



The Bassline is played using 1V / octave, Gate and Accent inputs. Its AS3340-based oscillator lets you choose between triangle, saw-tooth and square waveforms. The selected wave is mixed with the sub-oscillator, which can be adjusted in volume. Results are fed to the filter. In addition, there are individual outputs for each of the VCO waveforms. The tuning can be adjusted via a potentiometer plus there is a FM CV input with attenuator.

The filter is a Polivoks-style multimode circuit. In detail, you can choose between low-pass and band-pass characteristics. Cutoff frequency and resonance are editable via knobs. Furthermore, there is a Cutoff CV input with attenuator and a VCF decay envelope. High resonance values make the circuit self-oscillate. With connecting one of the individual VCO outputs to the Cutoff CV input, it is possible to create some great filter FM effects. For further sound adjustments, there is the so-called Beef knob. This control element can be used to add some detuning. The results are reminiscent of a Unison function.

A VCA completes the Bassline’s signal flow. It is controlled by another decay envelope. Sounds are emitted via the Main output.


1v / octave input
Trigger and Accent inputs
FM input
Cutoff CV input
Individual outputs for triangle, saw-tooth and rectangle wave
Main output


3U Eurorack module, 14 HP wide, compatible with Skiff cases

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