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More than just a LFO – The Octasource generates eight waveforms, which can be tapped off separate outputs. Alternatively, the module emits one type of wave at all connectors, shifted by 45 degrees each. The rate potentiometer not only adjusts the LFO’s speed, but also shifts the waveform's phase. Additionally, waves can be “frozen” with the control element. Sync und CV inputs allow the Octasource to be influenced by other circuits. – An innovative modulator, which is usable for classic and experimental tasks alike.



The Octasource is equipped two modes of operation. With Multi activated, the module allocates all of its waveforms to the eight outputs. The rate potentiometer not only adjusts the LFO’s speed (0.03 Hz to 30 Hz), but shifts the phase as well. The knob features a bipolar design, making it possible to invert signals. At 12 o’clock position, waveforms get “frozen”.
In Single mode, Octasource emits just one waveform at all eight outputs. Each one is, in comparison to the previous connector, shifted by 45 degrees. Utilizing the waveform potentiometer, users can morph between the basic waves.

Octasource is able to generate the following basic waveforms:

Inverted absolute value of sine
Absolute value of sine
Sample and hold

Control voltage inputs for waveform selection, phase and frequency allow modulations. The FM channel is equipped with an attenuator. Additionally, there is a Sync input to feed the module with external clock signals. The Octasource can work in a bipolar (-5 V to +5 V) or unipolar (0V to +5V) mode.


Eight CV outputs
Sync input
Wave, Phase and FM inputs


3U Eurorack module, 12 HP wide, 25 mm deep
Power consumption: 82 mA at +12 V and 44 mA at -12 V

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