Erica Synths - Black Stereo Mixer V2


The Black Stereo Mixer V2 is an excellent choice for merging mono and stereo signals inside a modular synthesizer. The module offers four channels, each of which comes equipped with a potentiometer for controlling the volume as well as a level LED. The first three instances feature stereo audio paths. Thanks to merge functions, it is also possible to use two of these channels with separate mono signals. A boost option allows the user to raise the volume by +6 dB. The fourth audio path is meant for mono material only. It is equipped with a CV input for panorama modulations.



The first three channels of the Black Stereo Mixer possess two inputs each (left / right). They are followed by volume control sections, which can be adjusted via potentiometers. LEDs visualize incoming signals. Furthermore, channel one and two offer switches to activate a boost option (+6 dB) or a merge function. The latter allows users to employ left and right audio input for processing separate mono signals.
The Black Stereo Mixer’s fourth channel features just one audio path. Again, there is a potentiometer for controlling the volume as well as a level LED. Additionally, this audio path is equipped with a panorama CV input. The sum of all channels can be tapped off the left and right output.


First three channels: Two audio inputs (left / right)
Fourth channel: Audio input, panorama CV input
Left and right output


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide, 25mm deep
Power consumption: 25mA at +12V and 15mA at -12V

0.136 kg
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