Erica Synths - Black Wavetable VCO


Compact and yet easy to operate, fat-sounding wavetable oscillator which is equipped with 16 wavetable banks á 16 interpolated waves, bit rate reduction and a three-mode sub-oscillator.
The wavetables cover a pretty wide range of sounds, from classic to vocal, over FM to organs.
The module can be expanded with new wavetable ROM chips. Besides fixed CV inputs for 1V/octave tracking and wavescanning there's an assignable CV input.



The Black Wavetable VCO has a very clear layout: on top you find the frequency potentiometer which acts both as coarse or fine control, depending of the adjacent switch.

Not far away is the BANK button which steps through the sixteen banks. Four LEDs display the selected wavetable in a binary fashion. WAVE softly scans through the wave table by interpolating smoothly from wave to wave and it is also a directly voltage controllable parameter with attenuator.
An abundant variety is found in this module as the banks contain following wavetables: basic synthesis waves, saw-to-square, FM sounds, "mega waves" (classic wavetable sound), vocals, "Station Wave" (from an old wavetable synth), formants, drastic waves, "Mega FM" (FM with more hamonics), organ, "spectrum" (waves generated with spectral synthesis), "Acid", "Grit", "Electricity", FM bells and finally digitally generated waves.

BITCHRUSH (Bit Chrush? Bitch Rush?) is a bit rate reducer.

The sub-oscilaltor is especially tempting when being mixed with the main output as the wavetables get even deeper when wave scanning. The sub-osc has an individual output and its octave and mode are switch-selectable

  • 1 = wavetable one octave lower than main oscillato
  • 2 = wavetable two octaves lower
  • 3 = static waveform fro mthe Varishape VCO, one octave lower

The 1V/octave input is used for tonal play; Wave CV see above. The scaleable CV input is assigned to the bitcrush parameter by default. Using th BANK button you can change the assignment to: bank selection (deactivates manual selection), frequency modulation or oscilaltor level.


1V/octave input, Wave CV inuput, assignable CV input
oscillator output, sub-oscillator output


3U Eurorack module, 12HP wide, 25mm deep
current draw: 48mA at +12V and 12mA at -12V

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