Erica Synths - Drum Stereo Mixer


The Stereo Mixer comes equipped with four channel strips, each containing two inputs (L / R). Thanks to some clever routing options, mono signals can be placed nicely in the panorama as well. All four stereo channel strips feature a level potentiometer. The Stereo Mixer’s sound is honest and very dynamic. A limiter provides protection against very hot signals.



The Stereo Mixer features four channel strips, each with two inputs (L / R) and a level potentiometer. Signals fed to the module are mixed and then sent into a limiter. The Stereo Mixer offers some clever routing functions, in detail:

The first channel can be used as a mono audio path with manually adjustable panorama.

The second channel allows you to merge left and right inputs. Thus, it can be used for two mono signals. Furthermore, this channel allows you to boost audio material by up to +6 dB.


Four input pairs (L / R)
Left and right audio output


3U Eurorack module, 10 HP wide, compatible with Skiff cases

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