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Versatile clone of the russian Polyvoks synthesizer's filter with some fancy extras. The resonance is voltage controllable, both the filter slope of the lowpass respective the bandpass width is adjustable with a potentiometer as is the resonance behaviour. With these functions the D-Tech filter can produce both smooth, ballsy sound but also Polyvoks resonant screams, so typical for the Polivoks. Have it your way. And the module is really adequate for creating very wonderful, wooden drum sounds by "pinging" the filter.



The D-Tech Polivoks filter can be used either in low pass or in band pass mode. At the input there's a level control which has a big influence on the sound as the filter can be easily distorted.
Besides the manual cutoff control there is a second yellow potentiometer: "Cutoff Curve" determines the filter slope. Used as low pass you can blend from approx. 6dB/oct to -12db/oct. In band pass mode you start at -6dB and widen the "bell" towards the bass range.
The filter resonance can be voltage controlled as well and the CV input has an attenautor. The "Res. Slope" potentiometer is used for setting the resonance behaviour, from rather tame in "flat" setting to wild, poisonous behavoiur of the Polivoks that's screamy resonance had no stable self-oscillation and distorted quickly.

About the CV inputs 1 and 2: Via the "CV Address" control you can assign the CVs either to the cutoff frequency, the resonance or BOTH! this espcially an useful feature if you want deep resonating basses that will not go into self-oscillation wehn cutoff is increased.


The name is a tribute to Mr. Erward Dtech who designed the curcuitry of this module


audio input, audio output
Cutoff CV1 input, assignable CV2 input (cutoff/reso), resonance CV input


3U Eurorack module, 14HP wide, 45mm deep
power consumption: 62mA @ +12V and 56mA @ -12V

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former retail price: €180.67

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