Erica Synths - duophonic MIDI/CV interface


Precise duophonic MIDI/CV interface with 16Bit converters, directly adjustable Glide, a tune potentiometer and two FM/transpose inputs. The special feature is aparaphonic mode which exactly simulates the behaviour of an ARP Odyssey or a Formanta Polivoks exactly - it's a duophonic mode where a single gate is produced no matter which of the two keys is pressed.



Each MIDI/CV channel has a 1V/octave output and a gate output. The CV input is used for transposing e.g. via an arpeggiator.
Besides this there's a global output which emits the modulation wheel's value as a CV.

In 1VOICE mode both CV/gate socket pairs output the same signal. In 2VOICE mode two different MIDI notes are interpreted.
Paraphonic synths have one VCA only and therefore need only one envelope - for that reason the Gate1 output gives you both note's gate signals when the Gae2 socket is not used.

The PROG button is used for programming when powering up the interface. If pressed once when the module is running it is used as a panic button.
TUNE detunes both conencted VCOs in the same way and GLIDE determines the portamento time from 0 to 2 seconds.


CV inputs 1+2, Gate outputs 1+2, CV outputs 1+2
modulation wheel CV output


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 23mm deep
Power consumption: 30mA@+12V and 25mA @ -12V

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