Erica Synths - Fusion Box (Chorus / Ensemble / Flanger)


Unique sound character – The Fusion Box is a fully analog delay, chorus and ensemble effects unit with tube overdrive and integrated low-pass filter. Thanks to BBD chips and a phase-shifted feedback path, the device is perfectly suited for generating metallic sound colorations and wide, very atmospheric stereo effects. The tube overdrive adds gentle saturation to beefy distortion. Handy control elements and a pedal input for bypassing the effect circuits with the user’s foot make the Fusion Box not only a great studio tool, but a top-class live machine as well.



The Fusion Box comes equipped with a symmetrical signal input plus level control, followed by an insert. After passing these stages, audio material is fed to the device’s bucket-brigade chips. A switch (short / long) and a potentiometer determine the delay time. For modulating said parameter, there is a LFO with adjustable rate and intensity. High frequencies can be dampened via a low-pass filter. The tube overdrive allows users to distort the results. A bypass switch and a pedal input make it possible to turn the effect on and off rapidly. The feedback path is adjustable via a level potentiometer. One of its channels features an inverted phase, which allows the Fusion Box to create extremely wide stereo effects. Finally, there is a dry / wet potentiometer in the signal flow, followed by two symmetrical outputs.


The delay time switch offers two settings:
Short: 1024 stages
Long: 4096 stages


Signal input
Insert input and output
Pedal input
Left and right signal output
Connector for an external power supply


19 x 14 x 6 centimeters
Power supply: 12 V PSU, tip = positive / ring = negative

0.7 kg
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