Erica Synths - Fusion Ringmod (v1)


Not in production anymore.

This is not the first tube ring modulator in Eurorack form factor but probably one of the smallest. It uses a 6ZP1 pentode tube which reacts quickly to CVs and clearly has a tubish sound without being too extreme. Use the module as a ring mod, as a VCA or just for adding some tube flavour to your audio.



The tube accepts almost every signal with each level because the audio inputs go directly into the tube (only via the attenuator). As expected the tube will color the sound and with increasing level it's possible to saturate and to overdrive the signal. If you are looking for a ultra-clean ringmod, go looking elsewhere.
Besides ring modulating two audio signals you can feed the Fusion Ringmodulator with one audio- and one CV signal in order to use the module as a tube VCA.
The module has adjustable X and Y inputs for the modulator and the carrier signal. There is a positive and one phase inverted output.


Erica Fusion modules have insignificant (max. 15mA) power consumption from eurorack power supply unit (PSU), but they require separate, easy to install 6VAC PSU for tube heaters. Erica Fusion 6VAC PSU is designed to power up to 7 Erica Fusion modules.
You can purchase the tube heater power supply HERE.


Inputs X and Y, output, inverted output


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide, 30mm deep
current draw: 13mA@+12V, 10mA@-12V and 300mA@6VAC (via external tube power supply)

0.2 kg
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