Erica Synths - Fusion VCF V2


Warm and powerful – Erica’s Fusion VCF V2 is an analog low-pass filter with switchable slope. (Settings: -12 dB or -24 dB per octave.) Signals are fed to the module via a three-channel mixer. Thanks to its tube circuit, the Fusion VCF V2 sounds beefy and gentle at the same time. High resonance settings lead to chirping self-oscillation. With the help of a feedback patch, the module can be used as a drone generator.



The Fusion VCF’s mixer offers three audio inputs with level potentiometers. A mix output allows users to tap signals off directly behind the summing stage. The tube circuit is based on a double triode. It was placed between the second and third stage of the filter. The cutoff frequency can be modulated via a CV input plus attenuator. For adjusting the filter manually, there are cutoff and resonance potentiometers. A switch makes it possible to toggle between -12 dB and -24 dB slopes. Germanium diodes are used to limit the module’s output signal. The Fusion VCF’s basic character is voluminous and warm. High resonance values lead to harsh, yet musical self-oscillation of the filter. Feedbacks and drones can be created by connecting the mix output with one of the audio inputs.


Three audio inputs
Mix and VCF outputs
Cutoff CV input


3U Eurorack module, 14 HP wide, 35 mm in depth
Power consumption: 35 mA at +12 V and 170 mA at -12 V

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