Erica Synths - Fusion VCO Mixer (v1)


This module contains two three-channel tube mixers which have been designed specially for direct mixing of VCO waveforms. Because of the tube sound and it' saturation behaviour this module can be used as a fine waveshaper, which can sounds pretty brutal when 3 VCOs are mixed at high levels. Especially living waveforms with constantly changing harmonic content like PWM will be heavily processed by the tube.



As said earlier, each of the two mixers has three inputs and with a good reason they have adjustable level: the maximum gain of the mixer is 1.5 s oit is easy to overdrive the inputs. So if you like it rather clean, just turn down the level!
The inputs are fed directly to the tube and for that reason it is possible to mix almost all signals with all levels.
Besides a positive outupt there is also a phase inverted one.

A very interesting, almost waveshaper-like behaviour occurs when the input signal changes dynamically it's harmonic content, for instance a pulse modulated square or a waveform that is blended from sawtooth over triangle to ramp.


Erica Fusion modules have insignificant (max. 15mA) power consumption from eurorack power supply unit (PSU), but they require separate, easy to install 6VAC PSU for tube heaters. Erica Fusion 6VAC PSU is designed to power up to 7 Erica Fusion modules.
You can purchase the tube heater power supply HERE.


per mixer channel: three signal inputs, output, inverted output


3U Eurorack module, 17HP wide, 50mm deep
current draw: 13mA@+12V, 10mA@-12V and 300mA@6VAC (via external tube power supply)

0.25 kg
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former retail price: €289.92

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