Erica Synths - Fusion VCO


This hybrid module significantly sets itself apart from other oscillators because in a smart way the stable tuning of a digital oscillator is combined with the sound of two tubes in a sub-octave circuitry. Between those signals and between the subwaves you can crossfade and morphing between different waveshapes is given as well. A passive low pass filter provides for powerful low-end. An external oscillator signal can replace the internal oscillator and be injected instead into the suboctave circuitry. Soundwise the Fusion VCO is really complex, from digital clarity over wide FM to wafting tube drones.



Features frequency control which is played tonally via volt-per-octave and modulated wide into audio range via the FM input. The tracking is very stable over octaves.
Waveform-wise we find sine, triangle and square between which you can select. The "Waveshape" parameter and the "Wave CV" modify the chosen waveform: sine turns into a square and beyond, triangle turns into sawtooths and with the pulse its width is controlled. The oscillatorsignal is available at the "VCO Out" socket.

Sub octave circuit:
It is either fed internally by the digital oscillator or externally by an oscillator signal at the "Audio In". The tubes produce two independent sub-octaves which can be individually in level and etweeen which you blend with the "Sub mix" control. "Subwave1" is one octave and "Subwave2" two octaves below the VCO frequency.
The "Colour" potentiometer determines the cutoff frequency of a passive low pass filter which shows its assets especially in the bass range.
The mix between oscillator and the sub osctaves is emitted at the "Mix Out" socket.


Audio In, VCO Out, Mix Out
CV inputs: submix, 1V/oct, FM, Wave


3U Eurorack module, 24HP wide, 35mm deep

current draw: 215mA at +12V and 185mA at -12V
start-up power consuption for few seconds: ±250mA

0.267 kg
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