Erica Synths - Hi Hats A


Hi Hats A is a fully analog drum module generating crisp, rattling sounds. Thanks to voltage-controllable tone and decay parameters, creating complex rhythms is easy as pie. The module's repertoire ranges from short, metallic ticks to hard smashing sounds. Closed and open hi-hats can be played independently or exclusively.



Hi Hats A was developed in cooperation with E-Licktronic. The module offers separate trigger inputs for closed and open hi-hat plus a shared accent connector. A Tone potentiometer and the associated CV channel with attenuator also affect both sounds. The decay, on the other hand, can be adjusted individually. In detail, closed and open hi-hat each feature a Decay potentiometer and a CV input plus attenuator. The module’s two outputs are normalized. Thus, both sounds can be fed to other circuits using just one cable. A switch decides whether closed and open hi-hat choke each other (exclusive mode) or not (individual mode).


Two trigger inputs for closed and open hi-hat
Accent input
Tone CV input
Two Decay CV inputs for closed and open hi-hat
Two audio outputs for closed and open hi-hat


3U Eurorack module, 10 HP wide, compatible with Skiff cases

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