Erica Synths - Matrix Mixer


Truly deluxe matrix mixer with touchscreen operation, 250 memory slots and buffered outputs. Several presets can be chained and sequentially switched with a clock signal


The Matrix Mixer allows for routing 10 inputs, no matter if ausio or sontrol voltages, to one or several of the eight outputs. Not only is routing possible but also mixing signals because of a buffered input mixer. Other way round you can rout one input to several buffered outputs i.e. split without loss.
The routing patches can be saved and muted.
In the unique performance mode you can chain an infinte number of patches, change between them by the internal or an external clock and loop them. Not bad for creating songs.

250 memory slots for routing patches and 128 for performances are available. All can be individually named. Operation of the module is done on the capacitive touch screen and with the enter button.


10 inputs, 8 outputs
Clock input, clock output


3U Eurorack module, 30HP wide, 45mm deep.
power consumption: 150mA @ +12V, 45mA @ -12V

0.35 kg
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