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A specialized module for triggering drum voices from any MIDI sequencer or keyboard. Of course it is not restricted to drums because you might as well fire envelopes via MIDI, create a hold command for a sample & hold, reset a sequencer and so on. Output 8 can alternatively convert MIDI Clock to analog clock.
It is easy to use as re- programming / assigning MIDI notes to outputs takes literally seconds.



The module is capable of converting any MIDI note to a 10 milliseconds long trigger.

It is not required to chanige the MIDI channel at the source as this can be easily at the module. To do this, turn your system off, press and hold the PROG button and turn the system on again. now press a note at the keyboard in order to read and assign its MIDI channel.
The note C (in any octave) corresponds to MIDI channel 1, C# = channel 2, D = channel 3 and so on. This limits the number of MIDI channels to 1-12 of course.

Assigning MIDI notes to outputs: Press PROG for two seconds. The first key pressed will be assigned to output 1, the next to output 2 et cetera until all outputs have been configured. It is possible to assign one MIDI note to various outputs as well!

Programming output 8 to a Clock output: Press PROG for four seconds, then assign outputs 1-7 and confrm this by pressing PROG for two seconds.


MIDI input (5-pin DIN socket), eight trigger outputs


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 25mm deep current draw: 15mA at +12V only

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